Crosscheck - Manage, Sync & Share Your Tasks from Anywhere

Manage, Sync & Share Your Tasks from Anywhere
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Crosscheck is the fastest, most flexible to-do app out there. It gets out of your way so you can quickly jot down the tasks you need to manage and it goes out of its way to do the managing for you.


Crosscheck works hard to stay out of your way when you're trying to get things done. Instead of a bunch of menus it uses a few special shorthand notations.


Since Crosscheck understands the tags, people, and dates you mention, it does useful things with them—like automatically creating smart groups.

KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE CLOUD Crosscheck Sync Feature

Since your data is synchronized with our cloud service, no matter where you are, you'll always have your latest and greatest tasks with you.

YOUR SECURITY NET Crosscheck Sync Feature

Crosscheck Sync keeps your tasks automatically backed up to its cloud service—so no matter what happens, your data will be right where you left it.


Need to collaborate with your team to get things done? We've got you covered. Share and delegate with just a few taps with Crosscheck Sync.

DAILY FORECAST Crosscheck Sync Feature

Daily Forecast is your one-stop report for what's due, what's done, and what's around the corner—delivered every day right to your email inbox.

GREAT INTEGRATION Crosscheck Sync Feature

Crosscheck Sync lets you keep tabs on your tasks right from your other productivity apps. Get RSS and iCal feeds, even create tasks by sending an email.

EXTRA-HIGH SECURITY Crosscheck Sync Feature

Crosscheck Sync uses strong SSL/TLS encryption to keep your data secure in transit—the same technology used by e-commerce sites and banks.

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